What’s on Your Plate? ~Documentary

Recently I watched the documentary called “What’s on Your Plate?”

My daughters watched it with me, I like this movie and the fact that the people doing the documentary are young girls, I think they were 12 when they made this movie.  It was really nice to see young people being interested in their foods and where they come from.  They wondered why they were eating apples either from another state or country when they have apple trees right in New York.

I love how it kept my girls attention, and made them ask some questions about their food.

Here is a link to their website.

Here, you can watch a trailer for their movie.

If you have children, please have them watch this movie….our children are our future!!!  They are the ones to make a difference!!!


**This information is my opinion, and I have not gotten paid either monetarily or in product by this company.  Although I would love to purchase this movie and share it with other kids!!


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