Are Genetically Modified foods safe to eat?

Do you know what genetically modified (GM) foods are?  To be honest, I sure didn’t until recently.  A friend posted on her blog about this topic, and that was possibly the first time I heard about them, or at least it was the first time I actually listened!

Genetically modified(GM) foods are those that are “fixed” in a lab.  They modify foods to enhance desired traits such as resistance to pesticides and to add to the nutrition (or at least they think they are making something healthier).

Some people think that if they are making a plant healthier, what is the big deal?  There is a long list of advantages to genetically modified foods…or so they think.  Resistant to pesticide, although this also kills the good insects as well!  Disease resistance~ might be a good thing if they weren’t putting pesticides on the food that will then cause disease in the human population!!  Added nutrition~why try to make great foods given to us by God, better.  All things created by God, are good for us…if we dabble in trying to make them better, that will cause some health problems instead.

Why are genetically modified(GM) foods wrong for us?

*This can cause a resistance to the pesticides, or a reduced effectiveness.  Just as some populations of mosquitoes had developed a resistance to DDT, so can other insects develop a resistance to other pesticides.  Just as we humans can develop a resistance to antibiotics if we are given them too often.

*Crops modified with herbicide tolerance, can cross breed with weeds, which in the end can create super weeds which are also resistant to herbicides and pesticides.  Other non modified crops planted near or next to genetically modified crops have shown to interbreed.  There have been farmers who ended up in court and lost their case because some GM crops were found on their land and they weren’t paying royalties to Monsanto…the GM giant!!

*Allergenicity~many children are plagued with allergies to peanuts today more than ever.  There is a possibility that introducing a gene into a plant can create a new allergen and can cause an allergic reaction in susceptible people.

Do your own research, and make up your own mind.  I watched a documentary today called “Deconstructing Supper”  that I thought was great.  A chef who knew nothing about GMO’s goes out to find the truth…check out the trailer here.

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