Processed foods = Fake foods

We all know that processed foods are bad for us.  That is no secret, but why are they?

Most of the time, our minds go right to fast foods when we think about processed foods.  But you can find processed foods in every aisle at your local grocery store…even at health food stores.

So, which foods are processed?  Anything that is in a box, can, frozen, frozen, and dehydrated.  Anytime a food has been altered from it’s natural state, it is processed.  Food has been processed for many reasons; to keep the cost down, to make foods “safe” (or so the producers think), and the biggest reason is for convenience reasons.

The things that are added to our foods are; colors, stabilizers (to thicken your gravy), emulsifiers (to make sure foods mix well), bleach (to disinfect and deodorize), texturizers (to make sure your foods don’t get soggy), softeners , preservers (to make sure it can sit on the shelf for months or years), sweeteners (imitation sweeteners are far sweeter than regular sugar), flavor enhancers.  Remember, just because something looks healthy or says it is healthy…maybe the package says “organic” ingredients, as long as it is packaged (can, jar, frozen), it IS processed!!

About 90% of the foods Americans buy are processed!  How scary is that?!

A word of advice, READ labels!!  Get in the habit of reading the ingredients list…if you cannot pronounce an ingredient, then your body will NOT recognize it as a food!!  Even if a label says, “natural flavor”….where on earth, or better yet, HOW on earth do they get “natural flavor” in a box, bottle, can, etc??  Of course they MUST add something to make it taste better!!

OK, now that you are a little more educated, PLEASE do your homework.  Better yet, make sure your foods you buy are FRESH!!!  Does applesauce really taste so much better than a fresh apple?

Your body, and mind will LOVE you for switching from processed junk to REAL foods!!

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