Off to the Farmers Market

Today I visited  a farmers market at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick Ohio (look in their blog page).  They have their farmers markets on Tuesdays 3pm-7pm.   Although the market was a bit small, due to it only being their second week for their market, it was very nice.  I got my hands on some awesome tomatoes, and cucumbers as well as Red Haven peaches and scrumptious blueberries and some Swiss chard.  I recognized two of the vendors from the farmers market located on Medina Square on Saturday mornings.

I highly recommend visiting any of the local farmers farmers in your area.  Instead of buying your fresh produce at the grocery store (which I am still guilty of), purchase it at someone local.  When buying at the grocery store, most of the time, you are getting things from another state and worse, you don’t even know how long it has taken to get to the shelves on the store.  In most cases, those men and women at the farmers markets have picked the produce either that morning or maybe the day before…you can almost be guaranteed that this is the freshest foods around…and even better, it is all whole food!!

Strongsville Community also has a farmers market on Thursday afternoons I think 3-7.  I have not been to that one (yet).  I also know of one (which I have heard is quite large) that is held on Saturday mornings at Frostville Market on Cedar Point Rd in Olmsted Falls.  I also have not been to that one, but I definitely want to head there soon!  One great little gem is a young lady from Lodi…not sure of the name of the farm, but they are located on Pearl Rd in Brunswick at the Skyview Lodge.  They have been located in the same area for years and their sweet corn is the absolute best I have found, I think we have gotten it 3 times in the last week and a half. They always have fantastic tomatoes as well as the sweetest melons ever!

Check your community to see if there are any local vendors you could find.  Check out Local Harvest to find a farmers market in your town as well as a ton of other great information.

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