Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead~Documentary

I literally just finished watching the documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  I am so very inspired by Joe Cross and his journey to health.  He was taking numerous pills for numerous conditions.  He decided to get the go ahead from his doctor and went on a juice fast…not for 7 days, not for 10 days but for 60 days!!  That in itself is amazing to me.  I, as well as most people don’t think I could do it.  I think this movie was done well…it made us laugh, and some points were quite sad.

Joe is native to Australia but decided to take his fasting time to the United States.  Why, you ask…because of our, oh so healthy foods we have here.  We have a McDonald’s and Burger King as well as KFC and Mr. Hero in just about every city…sometimes even more than one of each of these establishments!!    He figured since his eating habits were basically the biggest problem, he wanted to be surrounded by the kinds of foods that brought him to such a point.  While on his journey, and bringing some insight to people along the way, he met up with Phil.  Phil’s story is yet another very inspiring story.  He too did this fast for 60 days and lost 100+ lbs.  Once he was done with the juice fast, he continued (as did and does Joe) on a diet mostly filled with micro nutrients.

Dr. Joel Furhman made a few appearances in this film.  As I spoke of him in another post, he is a great doctor who came up with the ANDI score.  Dr. Furhman lives a life filled with plant based nutrition.

Check out the trailer here…I hope you take away all that I did.  You owe it to your health to give this juice fast a try.  I sure am!!

**This information is my opinion, and I have not gotten paid either monetarily or in product by this company.  Although I definitely will be purchasing this movie for my library to share with others.

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