Health Benefits of the glorious Queen Quinoa

I know your asking, “what in the world is quinoa”?  That was my question exactly maybe 6 months ago.  Well, I had heard about it and to be honest, I was quite hesitant to try it because at the time, I really didn’t like to try new foods (especially those that I couldn’t pronounce!!)  Quinoa is pronounced~Keen-Wa.

Quinoa is an ancient “grain” that was once called the “Gold of the Incas”.  Even though most people think quinoa is a grain, it is actually part (the seed ) of the leafy green family (ie. spinach).  But don’t let that nugget of information fool you, it certainly does not taste like a leafy green.  Quinoa comes in many different colors like, orange, pink, red, purple, and black.

Quinoa looks like a seed before it is cooked.  But once it is cooked (which is easy, I might add), it turns into something so fluffy and yummy!!  It adds a creaminess to foods with a little crunch to it.  Most amazing is it adds a bit of a nutty flavor to foods.

Ok, let’s see why Quinoa is Queen…it is amazingly high in protein.  It is a complete protein, which means that it supplies your body all 9 amino acids!  Even better than that steak…and it won’t clog your arteries!!  Quinoa is a good source of fiber, manganese, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus.  This “grain” is a valuable tool for those who suffer from migraine headaches, diabetes and artherosclerosis.  Whole grains help in reducing childhood asthma as well as their being high in insoluble fiber, which aids in prevention of gallstones.

The magnesium in quinoa relaxes the blood vessels that are inflamed in migraine headaches as well as those blood vessels in the heart that cause hypertension and ischemic heart attacks.  Just by adding a bowl of whole grain cereal (instead of processed junk) to your diet once a day, could lower your risk of heart failure by 29%!  Wow, that is just one time a day, can you imagine what you could do if you add in more heart healthy fruits and vegetables as well as grains including this awesome Queen of all “grains”….Quinoa!!!

If you plan to try quinoa, a great way to try it is to cook it up (much like your cooking old fashioned oats or even rice~not instant!).  For breakfast, add banana, chopped walnuts and some agave nectar or pure maple syrup.  That is how I tried it the first time….YUM!  The possibilities are endless….any fruit or nuts will work.  For a great lunch, add it to some black beans, corn, tomatoes, avocado, salt, pepper, cilantro, and lemon juice(I almost forgot…add some jalepeno).  My husband will tell you, it reminds him of something from chipotle.  Double Yum!!!!

Enjoy!!!!!   Have a glorious day!!!


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