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This past week was quite eventful for me.  Not all good, though.  I had a birthday party (for me) given by my husband and my children.  The same night, we found out a dear friend passed away and had the funeral on Wednesday.  On Wednesday, my brother in law was taking by rescue to the hospital due to a seizure, so I went and sat with my sister and brother in law.  Not real sure what the issue is for him yet.

We own chickens, we got them in March (our first time with chickens, I might add).  This week we got our first eggs!!  Yes, I have taken animal products out of my diet and now we have eggs…needless to say, I will be allowing myself maybe 2 a week.  It was really exciting to see our girls beginning to give us eggs!!

With the heat this week, we haven’t done much…but plan on more next week.  Last night my husband and I were supposed to go on the GoodTime II after work cruise but because of some severe weather, we decided to stay ashore and find alternative plans.

Well, more on nutrition and health in my next post.  Thank you for reading!!!

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