Forks Over Knives Documentary

Soon after I decided to go “cold turkey” with cutting out sugar, and ALL animal products, the documentary Forks Over Knives came to theaters.  I had heard of it in the past and that they were working on it, although I really never sat and watched a documentary, Brian and I decided to go and see it.

Forks Over Knives features leading experts on health and it tackles the reason there is so much disease in the world, mainly our country.  Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Colin Campbell have together through science and medicine, proven that as more and more animal has been consumed, the evidence of disease has increased tremendously.  The diseases in question include, but are not limited to, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer.

Two out of every three of us Americans are overweight, diabetes has skyrocketed (especially in our children, who are now being diagnosed with Type II diabetes), and our children as young as 12 are showing signs of clogged arteries.  More and more people are taking more and more prescription drugs to alleviate these conditions.

Why don’t we just try a new approach, try eliminating some (if you cannot get yourself to cut all animal products….limit yourself to maybe one time a day) of the animal products we consume.  There are so many alternatives to what we now consume, maybe they don’t tast exactly the same, but give them a try….it takes a person several times of trying a new food before they begin to like it.  I, for example, never liked the taste or texture of beans, now, I really like them…and it didn’t happen over night!!

Check out the trailer….and if you get a chance, please see the movie!!!!  It is a real eye opener.

**This information is my opinion, and I have not gotten paid either monetarily or in product by this company.  Although I definitely will be purchasing this movie to give it out as gifts.

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