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US Food Consumption chart

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There are many reasons to follow nutritious lifestyles, but the hard facts are hard to swallow.  I don’t know about you but, it is a bit frightening to me to hear some of these findings and some may not really believe it all but, I urge you to do your own investigating.  I found a chart on a website made to encourage school systems to feed their kids nutritious meals.  It is hard to understand french fries are considered a vegetable…and chicken nuggets are considered a protein…are you kidding me?  This chart is frightening to know this is how our children are eating, and we are allowing them to do so.  The reality is that this is how our country as a whole is eating, and we see obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancers soaring.  To me it is common sense, change the way we eat and we can prevent or reverse disease….let’s do this for the future generations.



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