Plant Based Diet

I have had many people question the whys of eating a plant based diet.  Every person who has chosen this lifestyle has done so for their own reasons and those reasons vary.  I have made the choice to eat a plant based diet out of concern for my children, and the generations to come.

There are many different lifestyles out there.  SAD is the Standard American Diet…this is how the average person eats, consuming all varieties of foods including animal products.  Vegetarianism is omitting meats from your diet.  Some Vegetarians will eat fish, but just about all will consume milk, cheese and eggs (as long as the animal has not been killed).  Veganism is consuming an ALL plant diet~totally omitting all animal products (if it has come from the ground it can be eaten).  Fruit, Vegetables, Legumes and Grains can all be consumed in a plant based diet.  The beauty is that you don’t have to count calories…and you can eat until satisfied and if you have weight to lose, you WILL lose it.  Let me tell you, you WILL be satisfied pretty quickly, and stay satisfied for longer periods of time if you are getting enough fiber in your diet.

I am still learning this way of life…and am enjoying it tremendously.  Of course there are days I want something more…and sometimes I do cave in.  Sometimes given the circumstances, it is harder than others…when going to parties and such.  And when I do cave in, it is so much easier to get right back up where I left off.  7 weeks ago I could polish off a whole bag of chips in one sitting but today, I take a few and put the bag away.  This coming Tuesday, will begin my 8th week on a plant based diet and I am really enjoying how I feel and to top it off I have lost about 17 lbs so far.

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