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Hi, I’m Jill.  I am wife and mom of 4 beautiful children.  Thank you for taking your time to read about my journey.  I decided to create this blog for friends and family to follow my journey.  I am NOT a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but am just the average person trying for years to get healthy.  Throughout the years, I have tried almost every diet under the sun.  I have gone to meetings to help me lose weight…which did help a little, the support is amazing but just not exactly what I needed.  I have done the low fat diet, the low carb diet, I have taken diet pills, I have put these little drops under my tongue (supposed to make you feel full faster).  I have gone to centers to lose weight under a “doctors” care.  Nothing seemed to help me.  A few times, I thought it was just my lot in life…just suck it up and forget trying to lose weight.

I will tell you what did work for me, I will tell you what books and websites I learned most from.  I will share some yummy recipes that I have found, and some great information.  Again, this is MY journey, and has taken a long time, hard work and some tears.  I would not tell anyone what they should do,  I think it will be pretty evident not only what works for me, but what I believe in, and what would be best for everyone.

I guess you could say my journey to better health began years ago.  I would try diet after diet and lose a few pounds and then get right back into my old routines.  I have always known what foods were healthier, and more nutritious; but, they weren’t always my favorite choice…those healthy choices just weren’t yummy enough!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I always liked some veggies, but who wouldn’t choose a bag of greasy, salty potato chips over carrots or kale?

I had begun reading books on the health benefits of plant based diets, learning a lot of great information.  While doing so, I realized that diabetes and heart disease is prevalant in not only my family, but my husbands as well.  I craved more information, knew I owed it to my kids to learn this lifestyle…it is NOT a diet.  I learned that my childrens generation is the first generation that will not live longer than their parents.  Many parents will and do have to watch their children succumb to diseases….many of which can be prevented if we just changed out diets!!  I believe it is my duty as a parent to take care of them, so this is not only my journey but also that of my husband and children!  I hope you come to enjoy keeping up with my family but most importantly, I hope to pass along some great information to you while I am still in the learning stages!!

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